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With my brother's death came the crown and all the trappings that accompany it.  Now, my father-the most dangerous man in Magaelor-seeks to control my future. But fate has other plans.
Thrown into mer-filled waters, I'm dragged into the rival kingdom of Berovia. Surrounded by those who murdered my brother and wished my entire family dead, I must find my way back to my kingdom. There, a marriage could bring peace to a century's old division between the fae and sorcerers. But dark revelations and deadly lies threaten to destroy my destiny.
I must make the choice between my duty, family, and truth before it's too late.
Will I allow myself to become the Queen of everything? Or be reduced to a cautionary tale as the princess of nothing?
The Fate of Crowns is a fast-paced YA epic fantasy about a sheltered princess who travels between magical kingdoms, discovering a world vastly different to what she'd been led to believe.


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The Fate of Crowns is a YA Fantasy Trilogy

The Fate of Crowns (Book One)

The Princess of Nothing (Book Two)

The Court of Secrets (Book Three)

Ruin (Spin off novella - standalone)